Saturday, August 21

Updates badly needed!

Okay... so I have SO much to update on.

  • Colby in general (he is so freakin' cute!)
  • EI evaluation
  • Lack of child care for the fall (um... woops?)
  • Getting ready to go back to work (so much more nerve wracking this time around!!)
  • Couch to 5K (I hate to run...)
  • Anniversary weekend (ahhh... sleep!)
But for the record, my body hates me and likes to play tricks. I never called RSC last weekend because all I had was some spotting which I assumed would turn into something by the end of the weekend. No dice. So I waited patiently for a few days then got very impatient. I called RSC yesterday and went in today for blood work. I even let my mind wander for a few minutes that maybe, just maybe I was pregnant. On my own! HA! Does that even happen? Anyways.

The results? Absolutely NOTHING is happening. Apparently my body is hibernating or something and just likes to try to confuse me. So, tomorrow I start provera to hopefully start a cycle in about 2 weeks. FINALLY.

1 comment:

Catherine W said...

Good luck with the child care arrangements and going back to work.

Couch to 5K is something I should really be thinking about but I also hate to run! Good for you if you are even so much as thinking about it, let alone actually . . um, running!

Our bodies are a mystery aren't they? I'm sure that mine likes playing tricks on me too sometimes. Hope you emerge from hibernation soon. xo