Wednesday, April 21

Appointments Galore!

Colby's asleep.
Hubby's at Red Sox game.
I should be doing a bajillion school-related things.
But here I am...

Pulmonology, Blood Work, and the NICU
Today we had Colby's 3rd pulmonology appointment at Children's. I love these appointments because it basically goes like this:

Dr: He's such a cutie. Let's see- how's his breathing?
Me: Perfect.
Dr: Any issues?
Me: None
Dr: How's he eating? Does he need to see the nutritionist?
Me: Great. He loves to eat. And I don't think so...
Dr: (Looks at growth chart) Oh! Wow! He was 3 months early right?
Me: Yes
Dr: Well he's on the growth chart for his actual age! No need to see the nutritionist! Let's take a listen. (Listens) Lungs clear. He looks perfect and sounds perfect. Unless anything comes up, let's just schedule his regular check-up!

The appointments are quick and painless. And who doesn't like hearing how great their baby is doing? Especially their once-tiny, maybe-won't-make-it preemie baby?

We go back in 6 months at 1 year corrected for a Pulmonology Function Test, but after that we'll probably be on a once a year schedule. (YES!)

We also did his blood draw (FINALLY). We had tried going to the pedi 4 times, and he got poked maybe 6 or 7 times without luck so back in February we got orders to do a blood draw at Children's. I didn't want to drive in for just the draw so we waited til we knew we had this appointment. The nurse who did the draw was AWESOME and got it first try and he did really, really great. A little crying, but not nearly as bad as the attempts at the pediatricians.

After our visit to Children's, Johnny wanted to visit the NICU nurses. Me, not so much. We've been back to visit a few times already and I don't feel like we should pop in every single time we're in the neighborhood. Plus, I know logically that, though they loved Colby while he was there, they probably love every baby that comes through (especially the multi-month-ers) and he's probably not quite as #1 to them as he is to us.

Add on to that the fact that today is the 21st, 9 months since Connor died... the LAST place I wanted to be was anywhere NEAR the NICU. But my hubby doesn't quite get that, so it turned into a little bit of an issue today. He was mad that I didn't want to visit and I was hurt that he couldn't let it go. It's 9 months later and he still doesn't get that the 19th, 20th, and 21st are sucky days for me every month. He says it's because he doesn't remember numbers like I do, but I don't know... Bleh.

Baby #3
Today I finally had my appointment with my OB. It was quick and painless as well! Basically she reminded me that subsequent pregnancies will involve a c-section (already knew), re-educated me on the weekly injection she will suggest I take (don't remember the name), discussed why she doesn't think a cerclage will help at all (apparently I was mildly contracting pre-admittance to the hospital), suggested a high risk doctor (yay! a new one!), and gave me my referral to visit RSC again! So I will make our re-consult tomorrow and we'll see when that is! It's exciting to be back in the flow of things (almost).


Jen: Proud Mom of 9 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

I'm so excited for you and #3!!!


Ashley said...

((HUGS)) Can't wait to hear about your baby #3 journey;) Glad Colby is doing great!!

Michele said...

SO GLAD Colby is doing well!!! So happy to hear that! And MUCHO CONGRATS on #3!!! I'm a little delayed in my reading, but this is great news! Happy for you!

The 1st, 16th, and 23rd remain tough days for me, even, in some cases, 2 years later. It's rough... So hard... Thinking of you...