Sunday, December 30

Bullet points

Let's see...

  • I'm 26 weeks 1 day pregnant.  I'm 1 week shy of when I had the boys.  I cannot even fathom it.
  • I am so tired and achy!  With the boys & then the girls I was effectively off my feet around 23 (boys) and 24 (girls) weeks.  So I've never been active this "late" into pregnancy and it's kicking my butt.
  • Christmas was amazing and so much fun with Colby & the girls.
  • The sicknesses that have followed have not been such fun.
  • Colby came down with a horrible case of croup on Thrusday night and woke up at 1am on Friday barely able to breathe.  He was so wheezy and retracting and just struggling in general.  He's had croup before so I know the tricks of the steamy shower/nebulizer/humidifier/cold air, but after a few minutes I quickly decided that they wouldn't be enough.  We called 911 and they came and took him to the hospital where they nebulized him 3 times in a few hours to no avail.  They eventually gave him a dose of steroids that quickly did the trick.  He came home after only a few hours, took it easy all of Friday and has eased back into things.  Now he has a lingering cold, but the bark-y cough is gone.
  • Sydney has an ear infection.  She came down with a fever on CHristmas and then the next day when I got her up from her nap she pathetically said "I sick" to me.  Poor babe.  But her amox is already helping and she's back to herself.
  • Zoe is fighting the same cold/virus that Johnny and I had, but luckily shows no signs of ear infection or croup.  
  • My mom got out of the hospital a few days after I posted last time.  She was in for almost 2 weeks.  Her levels are stilly shaky.  In the first 2 weeks home her levels were low so she went in for an outpatient transfusion.  They upped her potassium meds again and started the process of setting up a surgery to have a port put in for constant potassium.  But of course, as happens, then her levels sky-rocketed again and she was left to play the "don't take anything" waiting game.  So we'll see where that goes.
  • The girls are still on bottles (I know!).  My plan was to take them off the day after Christmas, but then they got sick so that seemed mean so they're still using their bubbas.  And actually they used them more this week because they have been so draggy and sick.
  • I passed my glucose test a few weeks ago so I'm in the clear with that.  :)

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Leah said...

Oh my goodness! So scary about the ambulance ride for Colt! You must have been so scared, but that's great that you know what to do in that situation. We have the sickness in our house too. Not fun at all! Can't believe how far along you are already!!!