Friday, September 7

Back to the grind! and 10 weeks!

This week we had 4 days of school - 2 teacher days and 2 days with the kiddos.

I have 21 first graders, though only 19 were there this week.  One comes Monday and the other comes in October after her month long trip to India (!  the first month of school?).  It's been a pretty good "week" with the kiddos.  They're chatty, but they're 6.  And they're cute.  I think we'll have a good year once I can get the constant talking under wraps.

But I caught a cold, so I struggled today.  Colby & Syd had it Tuesday night when I got home.  Zoe caught it Wednesday.  And I started to feel it Thursday.  I just want to feel better because I'm already tired enough without sickness thrown in!

Speaking of tired... I am so exhausted!  I'm itchingly close to the second trimester... and I don't want to rush this because I do love being pregnant, BUT some extra energy would be amazing.  I was a little chicken to tell my principal this week, but I really have to because my appointments are coming up fast and I'm already showing.  A lot.  Like in lunch line I was talking to my old first graders (now big second graders!) and one little boy touched my belly and said "How's your baby doing Mrs. J?"  I played it off that he was talking about the girls, but he long since stopped calling them babies last year!  And they're babies not baby.

This week I'll do it!  :)

Cerclage is booked for October 4th.  Bonus-- I'll take the 4th and 5th off which are Thursday and Friday.  Then Monday is Columbus Day!  Extra long weekend!

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