Saturday, July 14

Good mother

There are those funny e-card things going around Facebook.  Occasionally one makes me laugh.

Yesterday this one came floating across my home page.

No big deal.  Kind of funny.  And I shared it because I thought others would get a kick out of it.

Until I was smacked in the face with the fact that not all my kids are alive.

And it was just bad timing.


Jen: Proud Mom of 1 Genetic Child after 40 and 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

Honey, Connor's death on Earth IS NOT YOUR FAULT!!! Please allow yourself to heal... if not for yourself, for your four blessings!!! I'm so, so sorry for your pain and wish I could take it away!!

Love ya!!!

Catherine W said...

Ah ick. I probably would also have posted this thinking it was funny and the realised that, like you, not all my kids are alive. So perhaps I'm not doing such a great job. Sigh.

But it wasn't fault. We did everything we could. And you are one of the most amazing moms I 'know.' I don't know how you keep up your motivation and energy but you do a great job for your dear three and I know that you would have anything, absolutely anything you could, for Connor xo

Leah said...

Thinking of you as you grieve your son, now, and everyday. I saw that come across my fb page also, and I didn't like it. . . at all. So many children sucumb to death by accidents, illnesses, etc. . . and as parents, we can only do our best, and at the end of the time, sometimes we get the short end of the stick. Thinking of you.