Wednesday, April 18

Potty Training- that was easy

I'm still here!  It's school vacation and *shh* all three are napping, so I can update a little bit.  :)

I've been reading a lot about people in the throws of potty training right now, so it's my turn.

Colby is completely potty trained and it took all of... a day?  We did not push it at all.  We got Colby a potty for his birthday in July and he used it 1 time.  Then it became a step stool.  We'd ask every now and then if he wanted to use the potty and the answer was always no and we never made him or pushed it.  I had read an article about potty training similar to this one.  It basically cautions against early training- early being before 3- because of the prominence of issues later on in childhood due to early training, so I was not in a rush at all.

Then our babysitter's son became temporarily interested in the potty back in February.  As a result, Colby became interested and started using his potty sporadically.  At that point he was showing all the "signs" of being ready and he was interested, so we decided to just go for it.  One Friday I got home from work, off the diaper came, and on went the underwear.  And that was it.  That first evening we went out to Target to stock up on more underwear for the Bug & a potty seat (because the Toy Story potty + the girls tearing it apart was driving me crazy!) and while we were there he used the potty 2 times and we were totally accident free.

I had made a Potty Treat Jar for Colby for Christmas so we pulled that out and we also made a potty chart for Colby to add stickers to each time he used the potty.  The treat jar ended up being used for all of maybe 3 days.  He just didn't care enough to want an M&M.  He liked going in, doing his thing, and then going back to play.  Taking time for an M&M was just too time consuming.  It ended up being a treat jar for the babysitter and her son.  The potty chart was similar- he was excited to add a sticker the first few days.  After that, he didn't want to waste anymore time picking a sticker.

In total I could probably count his accidents while awake on one hand.  At night he wears his underwear and we usually sneak a diaper on over the underwear when he's already asleep.  He has woken up dry every time, but in the AM I usually bring him downstairs with me and if I let him lay on the couch before sending him to the potty he usually wets the diaper.  If I send him straight to the potty and take off the diaper there is never an accident.

In the car we use his Toy Story potty and he knows to yell "Stop!  Stop!  I have to go potty!" which is actually really cute.

So, in the end, potty training was easy and drama free.

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Ashley said...

wow sounds pretty easy. probably much easier than you anticipated but probably because you didn't push him too early.